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why choose me

The clients I have worked with in recent years have told me that our sessions have helped them find purpose and meaning, to identify action plans that will bring them what they need, personally and professionally.  


The Psychologist/Coach - Client Alliance, the techniques and the multidisciplinary method help them to identify the steps to follow and change their perspective.  In this process, their self-esteem and confidence increase, as the three plans are aligned:

"Who am I?" (mindset), "How am I?" (personality), "What am I doing?" (behavior)

A story I like says that when you fall into a pit you don't know how to get out of, a Doctor will prescribe treatment for the symptoms that bother you, a Mentor will tell you what he did in your situation, a Psychologist it will help you to adapt to the situation and a Coach will help you to solve it yourself!

I think this comparison captures the role of a Coach very well.


In the process of development, it helps a lot to talk to someone who understands you and empathizes with you. All the more so when that person has life experience, business experience, but also masters the exceptional techniques with which Coaching and Psychology work.

So I invite you to work together!

my method

Complete and complex.

Adapted to you and your needs

My approach is 360, with training, management, mentoring, psychology and coaching tools depending on your goals. Everything is personalized, client by client.  

We start with an online or in the office session in which we meet and calibrate together what you need and how I can help. This meeting is an evaluation in which we realize if our partnership works and what I know and do, will help you.  

Coaching is about you and your need, and my desire is to help you succeed.

the topics I deal with

Business, Professional, Personal

There are so many aspects that I can help you with that it is difficult for me to comprehend them in a structured but comprehensive way.

Please find below the central themes of my activity; On the Services page you will find details about all the goals we can work on together.

  • Career, Role Performance, Recruitment Preparation

  • Employee rights counseling + negotiations with the employer

  • Skills development Sales, Management, Public Speaking

  • Clinical Psychology and Schema Therapy

  • Emotion management, communication and relationships

  • Everything related to Life Coaching and Career Coaching

Amalia Cojocaru

I would be honored to be chosen as your development partner. If not, I encourage you to find that Coach, Therapist, Consultant, Trainer or Mentor that suits your needs. Start your growth journey! 

Ready, Set, Grow!

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