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Atelier dezvoltare oameni

ready, set, grow!


I am Amalia, I'm glad to meet you!

I am People & Performance Expert, a talented Sales Executive turned into a passionate Coach. 

I bring corporate experience from my 20 years career in multinational corporations, developing myself, the business I managed and the amazing professionals from the teams I have led. 

As certified Clinical Psychologist, Mentor and Coach, I work with people like you in 1 to 1 sessions.


With excellent skills, vast experience in different environments and also my entire knowledge, I can support your growth journey. Let's talk!

Ready, Set, Grow!

Amalia Cojocaru


At the heart of everything I do is my trust in people and their growth potential.  I don't think there are successful recipes but favorable contexts, clear plans and energy to put intentions into actions. Therefore, the method I use is tailored to each client and their needs. Being both a Psychologist and a Coach, I work with behavioral training, emotional balancing and developing the right mindset to succeed.

Check below if this month PROMOTION  suits you! 

If not, go to the Services page and choose exactly what you need! 

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